Here Comes the Guide Gives Back

Because we care...and we know you do, too.

Sure, you're going to drop a chunk of change on your wedding, but you'll feel a lot better about it if your spending also reflects your values and makes a difference in the world.

We've put together some resources to help you do just that.

"Because we care" is one of our mottos at Here Comes The Guide. The embodiment of our company culture and core values.

• We care about the work we do.
• We care about our brides and grooms.
• We care about our clients.

Not only do we care about each other, but also the world at large, and making a difference.

That's why we've put a spotlight on Giving Back, and we'd love for you to join us in doing some good.

Here Comes The Guide is all about girl power.

We donate a percentage of our profits to Girls Inc., an organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

We love the way Girls Inc. takes a comprehensive approach to developing the "whole girl". Their programs are designed to help girls become healthy, educated, and independent so that they can successfully navigate through life.

If you’d like to join us in supporting this outstanding organization, we encourage you to find a Girls Inc. affiliate near you!

Want YOUR Wedding To Give Back? Start Here:

10 Ways To Have A Charitable Wedding

10 Ways To Have A Charitable Wedding

There are thousands of details (and dollars) that go into hosting a wedding. But luckily, there are just as many opportunities to give back! We list 10 Ways To Have A Charitable Wedding, ensuring your wedding investment will have a far-reaching impact.