Search Tips

Here Comes the Guide gives you lots and lots (thousands, actually) of choices for your wedding location and services. Sometimes, all that info can be a bit overwhelming. We're here to help. Here's how to make sure that you are using the Here Comes the Guide website effectively to find your wedding venue:

* Don't search for too many criteria at once. For example, instead of searching for a private estate in Carmel with ocean and forest views and a capacity of 300, we recommend a more general search. If you begin with too many criteria, you may end up with very few (or no) places that meet all of those requirements.

* Start with one or two of the most important factors, such as region and capacity, or region and site type. If having an ocean view is critical, just do a search for that type of view, and don't add other criteria. Once you find out what's available, you can always narrow down your options later. By doing broader searches, you'll discover places you never knew existed, and you may end up selecting a location you would never have found otherwise.

* Don't limit your selection of wedding vendors to those located in or near your city. Remember, most caterers, photographers, and other vendors will travel reasonable distances.

* And, most important (at least, from our perspective, heh, heh): Always tell the venues and event professionals you call that you found them through Here Comes The Guide. And remember to verify all the information displayed on our website. Locations and vendors change their prices and policies frequently, so we cannot guarantee that our facts and figures are always up to date.

* Once you find your short list of locations, there are lots of questions you need to ask to make the final decision. Be sure to get the list of questions to ask your wedding venue here.

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